Legal specialty products

Storage Boxes

Also known as Transfer Cases, these sturdy boxes of pressboard are designed to hold the Minute Book, Seal, Share Books and any other materials that pertain to each corporation.
We have four different types of Storage Boxes (wide, narrow, Low Profile, High Profile) to suit your needs.

Filing Systems

Legal filing products include special purpose file folders specially designed for your firm’s needs. Interior file folders, expanding envelopes and expanding file pockets are just examples of the vastly specialized assortment of filing systems at Dye & Durham. We can offer you a wide selection of Corporate Storage Boxes, Office Storage Boxes, Desktop Index Sorter and Ring Binders. Having a clean and organized space is the half of our work. We can also provide you customized filing systems that match your needs and that will keep your client’s database in check.

Filing Systems

Index Tabs

Organize your litigation matters for proper court presentation. Use our numeric and alphabetic indexes. Numbers and Letters are printed in black on buff stock. Available in complete sets or individual numbers or letters. Custom Index sets can be printed to your specification.

Binding Systems

Dyedurham will provide you with the flexibility of choosing from various binding systems. Portable office binding machines manual as well as electric binding machines. Your report covers and presentation covers can be customized to your needs. For professional presentation, custom gold stamping is available.

And most important of all, we recycle and use recycled materials.